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Mortgage Refinancing via your phone!

No need to get out of your home, no need to get off your couch. aka is a company focused primarily on Refinancing your home. We offer approvals over the phone, Mortgage Rates over the phone and all our documentation is done via facsimile or email. You will never have to leave your home to save thousands of dollars on your mortgage. Reasons why you should pick up the phone and call


If your Mortgage is coming up for renewal and you want the best rate on your new mortgage. Our clients typically do not want to leave your house, take 3 hours out of their day and go from bank to bank getting quotes on Mortgage Rates. Then having to go back the next day because you heard rates change daily.

Straight renewals or switches are easy for us in the Mortgage industry and it should be easy for you, there should be no reason for you as homeowners to get the best rate and save thousands of dollars without leaving the comfort of your home.

If you are looking to do Home Renovations and to purchase a new automobile and don't want to pay personal loan rates, you can refinance your home at anytime, at the best rates in Canada. If you refinance your home before the maturity date you will pay a 3mos interest penalty.

If your Mortgage is up for renewal and you find yourself in credit card debt, auto loan debt, line of credits, student loans etc. you can create a Consolidation Loan with your 1st Mortgage for up to 95% of the value of your home. Stop paying 8% and up in annual interest charges and do a consolidation loan using the equity in your home.

Refinancing your home should be an easy and painless experience. With Mortgage Rates fluctuating daily it makes shopping for the best rate a full time job for most of us Canadians. That is why is here to help! We shop for the best rate in Canada so that you don't have to. And the best part...Our services is 100% Free, 100% Safe and 100% Satisfaction is guaranteed! To make Refinancing your home and shopping for the best rate easy and fast, you can call us right from the comfort of your own home! From the creators of Xpress Property Xchange (, they have brought to us aka where Canadians Refinance their Mortgages in the comfort of their own home!

Stats Show Refinancers Do Not Wait to Renew

“A large majority of Canadians who refinanced their mortgage in the last year, did so before the scheduled renewal time.” Mortgage Consumer Survey Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation 2008

Be ready: 71% of all borrowers refinance before mortgage term is up between their 3rd and 4th year term. As Refinancers don’t wait to renew.

71% of Mortgage Refinances are not due for renewal.
29% of Mortgage Refinances are due for renewal.

Renovations is one of the main reasons for Refinancing. Reinvesting the funds back into the home through home renovations is the most common reason as to why consumers refinance their mortgage. Almost one-in-three of those refinancing used the funds to consolidate debt.

How do consumers use Refinancing funds?

37% Consolidate debt vs 29% House renovations.


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